No place to put your cigar or clubs when getting ready to take a swing on the golf course?



Company Mission 

Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc. is a company that strives to excel in the business of inventing, marketing and selling products. What makes Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc. different and special is that Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc. accommodates a variety of consumers that’s conducive to meet their individual needs.

The Company 

Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc. was established in 2005. The inspiration for the company was the realization that there was a need to provide an innovative and smart way to play golf. There is an opportunity in Miami to open and operate a successful design and distribution company which started out concentrating in the business of inventing, marketing and selling golf accessories. Golf Tee Club/S Holders for golfers who can’t seem to find anyplace for their extra clubs on the golf course, Golf Tee Cigar/Cigarette Holders to accommodate smokers during outdoor activities and Smokers Bib for smokers who accidentally burn their clothes while smoking.

Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc. has expanded the company by inventing new products for consumers. We are also available to assist in making your invention become a product.


Scooter Sports First and Ten is a newly formed organization that came about as a result of our business of 10 years, Scooter’s Sports Enterprises, Inc., a Golf accessory manufacturer.  Having a golf accessory business has allowed us an opportunity to partake in charitable events such as Golfing Tournaments all over the United States. This has opened doors for us to start a foundation that can give back to families, children, and individuals so they can achieve successfully in life.

Our Annual Golf Tournament will be the primary event for the foundation in order to give back to those less fortunate in ways they would never imagine. All proceeds from this annual event will assist employment opportunities, educational workshops, holiday drives, generous contributions, and events for communities.

The Foundation is based out of Miami Dade County where there are statistically 825,337 households, 77.6% of them are graduates and 17.9% are below poverty level. If we can help at least a portion of these people we will be accomplishing the goal of giving a fresh start to someone and their family that wants to score big in life.

The term first and ten is defined as an offensive possession beginning with a fresh set of downs, four plays during which the offense must manage a net gain of 10 yards in order to keep their offensive possession affective. A team that manages at least 10 yards in four or fewer plays is awarded a new set of downs allowing them to keep their scoring chances alive. Our approach is similar to the term First and Ten by creating an opportunity in life.  We believe many of Life’s lessons can be applied and taught through the game of Football.

Wanda Sheffield - President

Wanda A. Sheffield, President

Wanda is a retired Teacher/Counselor From the Miami Dade County Public School system of 32 years. Wanda became inspired to design golf accessories after she attended a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada. She witnessed two celebrities place their cigars on the ground before taking a shot. That's when her second career became an inventor/consultant. Wanda named her business in memory of her grand daughter, who was born prematurely, but managed to "scoot" in and out of this world in 7 weeks.